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Family Road Trip: Easy Ways to Keep Kids Happy

With the cost of airfare soaring, a family road trip is a budget-friendly alternative, which also just happens to promise fun. However, there’s nothing worse than a road trip than bored children in the back seat. Mute the refrain of “are we there yet?” with the following tips to keep kids happy during your family road trip.

Take Frequent Breaks: If you’re traveling a long distance, it’s a good idea to take breaks periodically – especially when you have children in tow. Every two hours or 100 miles is recommended. You don’t have to stop for too long, just long enough to allow them to use the restroom and run some of their built-up energy off; 15 minutes should suffice.

Entertain Them Electronically: Consider downloading several educational and just-for-fun (age appropriate) games and videos to a tablet or phone before leaving home. Family friendly music and audiobooks are another great way to pass the time. You can listen to favorites like Harry Potter, Charlotte’s Web, and more through your car radio’s speakers.

Travel-Sized Board Games: Let’s Go Fishin’, Pictionary, Travel Scavenger Hunt, Tic-Tac-Toe are all good choices for travel-sized board games that will entertain children throughout the duration your long road trip. Tip: Look for travel-sized board games that feature sliding or magnetic pieces.

Pack Easy Snacks: Bringing easy snacks and drinks on your family road trip can help you avoid the dreaded “I’m hungry” statement from the back seat. Make serving easier with Travel Tray; an innovative, two compartment snack and drink holder that fits conveniently into vehicle, car/booster seat and stroller cup holders.

Enlist Their Help in Packing Activities: Have your children pack a small bag with a few of their favorite toys, books, stuffed animals, as well as magic ink coloring books or washable markers and paper the night before your trip. You can add a few items they haven’t seen before for a fun surprise. When they get restless, suggest they pull out a different toy, book or activity from their individual bags.

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